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Replacing antibiotics in animal production

Animal Health

In modern animal production, almost all species are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are used in animals for growth promotion, disease prevention and disease treatment, making the quantity of antibiotics used in animals greater than the antibiotics used for humans.

The widespread use of antibiotics in animal production causes two important problems. First, there is the risk that antibiotic residues may be found in human food, and secondly, is the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic micro-organisms.

Consumers and regulators are putting enormous pressure on the animal production industry to reduce the use of antibiotics. Additionally, animal production companies need alternatives to deliver on what consumers and regulators are demanding from them.

At IRP Health, we are using our proprietary formulations to provide antibiotic alternatives to the animal production industry, so our customers can meet the increasing demands from consumers and regulators.

To learn more about how the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals lead to antimicrobial resistance in humans,
see here.

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